Audion Premier MC Stepup

  • Model: PMC1
  • Shipping Weight: 20lbs
  • Manufactured by: Audion
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The Audion Premier Moving Coil step up is hard wired point to point and hand built. The chassis is black powder coated aluminium as is the transformer cover. The top plate and badge are mirror finished stainless steel. The Audion Moving coil step up is an active class A devices, with power supplies, that amplify the tiny voltage from moving coil cartridges so that it approximates the normal voltage from a moving magnet cartridge. You will need our Moving Magnet phono to further amplify and then equalize the signal. This MC step-up has been especially designed for the lowest output cartridges available on the market today!!! Now using the same advanced proprietary circuitry as our world class Quattro. Being a transformer less design it offers superb speed and resolution. This unit does need to be connected to a phono stage as well.

The soundstage is phenomenally large. Roll off in both directions is seamless. Resolution is astounding, with absolutely convincing depth even at very low  levels. It brings recording to life and places you directly in front of the performance

Amplifier matching

This moving coil step-up is best paired with standard or low output moving coil cartridges.  The phono MC step-up is easily matched with most cartridges and being an active stage it does not need such close matching as you would with a transformer based product. Upgrade options are available for this model, see upgrade options at end. Can and has been made in hard wired mono_blocks

Quality both inside and out

The MC step up is an active class A stage using a transformer less design, which means matching is very easy. It is far less critical of capacitance, resistance, impedance, inductance or reactance matching that transformer coupled MC step-ups normally require.

The Phono MC step up uses NOS Russian 6H23N tubes, it also has a ground lift switch at the rear to assist in resolving grounding issues by floating the ground internally above mains ground. We