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After the success of the original AC-2 LAT had to be certain that any upgrade would be an upgrade in all areas of performance: clarity, focus, dynamics, inner detail, harmonic accuracy and of course, it must be musical.

The new ten gauge AC-2 MK II is truly an outstanding power cord.

The design and construction improvements are in two specific areas: The weaving geometry for the Mark IIs is done with a planetary cabler. This weaving machine, which allows engineers more freedom in designing more complex and more effective weaving geometries, also produces a much more accurate and consistent weaving geometry. Accuracy and consistency from foot to foot is essential to replicate and realize the benefits of the theoretical "on paper" design. The process is much more labor intensive, primarily in the set up for the production run, and in monitoring during the run. Consequently, it is more expensive to produce. Their weaving geometry and the 260% shielding coverage they use for isolating the conductors, provides for elimination of RF, EMI and other "Garbage" disturbances that your house wiring and power company has picked up along the way.
They build their cord with a heavy duty three-prong IEC female connector (Wattgate) at the component end and at the wall receptacle end, a hospital-grade Marinco plug with three prongs. We believe this cable exceeds the performance of any power cable on the market regardless of price. An Audiophile Zone best buy!