Supra LoRad 2.5 Power Cord

  • Model: LoRad 2.5
  • Shipping Weight: 4lbs
  • Manufactured by: Supra
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The big brother to the Supra 1.5, the Supra LoRad 2.5 is a fantastic power cord at an unbelievable low price! Includes WattGate
power plug and IEC. LoRad stands for Low Radiation of
electric and magnetic alternating fields. Protects your equipment from
radiated mains noise as well as from RF pick-up.
The screen protects from the electric fields and the short pitch
twisting protects from and cancels the magnetic fields. This will
typically result in a cleaner sound and more accurate transients, which
in turn give you a tighter bass, better 3-Demension presence and stereo
definition. Closer to the truth.
Supra LoRad is the sole audio grade mains cable in the world with full
European safety approval. SUPRA's screening concept is patented
worldwide by Tommy Jenving. 
LoRad is a mains flex with patented screening for connection of audio
equipment to 230V mains. The screening minimizes the interference from
electric alternating fields, protecting from both radiation and
pick-up. For cancelling of magnetic alternating fields the LoRad is
cabled with a short pitch twisting. LoRad, the only approved screened
mains flex. Owing to the patented design the drain wire is eliminated
and instead the screen is automatically connected to earth via a green
semi-conductive plastic on the earth conductor. This enables the cable
to pass the flex test of 2x30,000 bending strokes without damage, for
safety approval, whereas a drain wire would cut through the insulations
during the test. The LoRad is very flexible owing to the multiwire
conductors. Each conductor is made of 320 tin plated copper wires.
Custom lengths available, call for price.