Jadis JPS2

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The JPS2 is a stereo line pre-amplifier with an outboard power supply. Built with all point-to-point wiring, choice electrical components, gold plated connectors and high quality wiring throughout, the JPS2 offers you a mid-price line preamplifier that delivers the signature Jadis sound.

The JPS2 comes standard with a dual volume control design for the purest sound possible, but optionally can be ordered with the volume controls "ganged" together for a simple one touch operation.

The JPS2 features a high voltage power supply running at 80Hz which provides superior low noise operation compared to typical power supplies running at 50Hz or 60Hz.

The JPS2 uses 1 x ECC82 and 3 x ECC83 tubes, and the power supply uses 1 x EF86 and 1 x EL84. Gain 24dB, 6 line inputs, 1 output, monitoring, unbalanced. Bandwidth 20Hz - 74kHz.

Available in balanced (JPS2S) or unbalanced (JPS2) version.

The Jadis JPS2 is a line preamplifier which uses 3 ECC83 for the line function plus a ECC82 tube to adapt the impedance on the CD input. It's power supply recreates a voltage for the module with a 80 Hz frequency in order to avoid problems that can occur due to the 50 or 60 Hz frequency from the mains supply.

The high voltage is regulated by two tubes: 1 x EF86 and 1 x EL84.

Golden connector and further connections are in copper and silver which assure the faithful broadcast of the audio signal.

Point-to-point wiring  gives to the sound stage plenty of air and dimensionality.

The choice of the electronic components and the extremely careful fabrication method gives the signature JADIS to this device.



Impressively wide soundstage, it feels like pushing the walls, everything becomes clearer, easier. holographic! The build quality is superb and reliability is recognized by all. This preamplifier is clearly a reference among the best.
Cf. essai Haute Fidélité n° 165 Avril 2011