Transrotor Max

  • Model: Max
  • Shipping Weight: 65lbs
  • Manufactured by: Transrotor
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Turntable lovers have been asking for a Fat Bob baby and the new TransRotor Max is that table, bringing the famous Transrotor quality to a lower price point. This entry level table from Transrotor outclasses many turntable manufacturer's top-of-the-line tables. Simply stunning fit and finish, and superb sonic performance.

Table comes with EINS Power Supply, 9" OEM Jelco arm and Shelter 201 Cartridge. 

From Hifi. NL: With the Max, Transrotor has created a nice addition to the lower regions of its own price list. The record player is - just like almost all players of the brand that I have ever encountered - extremely beautifully finish and exudes luxury.

In addition, the Transrotor Max is also sonically capable of many beautiful things, as shown in combination with the Eroica LX element. The player explains the music to the listener in an analytical way, but with a lot more drive than many others. The timing is also excellent. The extremely quiet running gear is also an absolute plus of the Max. This Transrotor is therefore an excellent basis to enjoy vinyl for many year.