Wyred 4 Sound Music Server

  • Model: Music Server
  • Shipping Weight: 20lbs
  • Manufactured by: Wyred 4 Sound
Local Sales Only

The Wyred 4 Sound server is an all in one music solution. From streaming high resolution tracks to playing Internet radio this versatile, compact unit does not skip a beat. The operating system and music playback software are tailored for playing music and it does so very effectively. The small size at less than a half rack depth and width takes up minimal space! Standard on board storage starting at 1TB will accommodate over 1000 CD's.
  The built-in auto rip CD drive goes to work automatically as soon as a disk is inserted, and copies files into FLAC(Free Lossless Audio Codec) format. When the CD ripping process is complete it will auto-eject.  Adding music already stored on a computer is as simple as drag and drop over a local network. Files that are on the server can be edited using any computer on the local network.

Selecting tracks, browsing the music library, and starting up your favorite Pandora radio station is all wireless! This ideal configuration allows you to have your whole media library at your fingertips while maintaining a direct digital connection to your DAC from the server. Internet radio and 3rd party apps, such as Pandora, and MOG are available when using the Logitech Sqeezebox Controller application on your Apple or Android device! Browsing your music library by album, artist, or genre is a breeze. In fact when using the Mpad application on an iPad, playlists can be made on the fly and it even allows gapless playback!  

Traditional playback using a Mac or PC for high resolution files requires a media player that supports such playback, and sounds good in the process. The cost and concern of sonic performance associated with the media player are no longer an issue! The included onboard software has been designed from the ground up to play music.

In depth setup guides and videos will be available to assist in properly configuring and customizing the server for your needs and preferences.