VAS/Cayin Cayin Electronics has raised the bar to new levels, catching the attention of audiophiles both new and seasoned. Cayin incorporates the latest transistor and hybird technology in their designs, resulting in a unique flavor of audio magic.When every screw is a machine screw, every transformer is potted for noise, and every front panel looks like it was made by NASA, you begin to get the feeling that you are dealing with a company that really cares about what they make. Cayin is producing a line of the highest quality audio equipment, including pre-amps, integrated amps, CD players, and more; they are expanding upon the classic designs and sounds that gave tube audio its dedicated following. Enhanced circuit designs utilizing advanced parts technology take these classic circuits to the 21st century and beyond. Cayin products generate sound that is transparent, resolving, supremely musical, and tonally natural, while their stunning build quality is just as impressive. We offer this with a price and reliability that will allow many more listeners to get involved and fall in love with the absolute sound that only the best equipment can offer.