Playback Designs Pinot ADC

  • Model: Pinot ADC
  • Shipping Weight: 35lbs
  • Manufactured by: Playback Designs
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Playback Designs Sonoma Series A/D Converter

The Pinot is a new product category for Playback Designs, but borrows many concepts and algorithms from existing Playback Designs products. At its core is a very high performance and high resolution professional A/D converter with an analog input buffer, that are both the result of two years of intense research and prototyping. Recent listening tests with recording engineers showed that the Pinot is so transparent when combined with its sister product, the Merlot DAC, that it is hard to distinguish it from the direct feed from the analog source.

The algorithms for all Playback Designs products are constantly being researched and updated with performance enhancements and new features. These software updates are made available to all users free of charge and can be loaded into the Pinot by simply playing a specially encoded wave file into one of its digital inputs. This virtually guarantees that the Pinot can be kept up-to-date as new audio formats become available and Playback Designs finds new ways to improve the performance.