WyWires - S/PDIF LITESPD - 4 feet (1.2M) Standard

  • Model: SILVER Series
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Manufactured by: WyWires
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S/PDIF LITESPD - 4 feet (1.2M) Standard
Furutech RCA and/or Furutech BNC

Extra Length - $75 per foot

WyWires Silver series is the classic line that started our revolution in air dielectric, Litz wire design. The Silver line embodies our design philosophy of ”less is more,” yielding unprecedented electrical and sonic performance.  Identified by gray/silver outer sheathing.


Our digital interfaces enable your system to preserve all the detail, dynamics, ambiance and presence that are present in the recording.

The development of WyWires’ digital cables required considerable effort in ensuring perfect electrical parameters such as low capacitance, rejection of crosstalk and external interferences along with perfect characteristic impedance for the specific application. Like all of our cables, bandwidth is very high and impedance is low and stable across the entire operating frequency of the cable which can be as high as 60MHz.


Capacitance: 5.1 to 6.3 pF (per foot at a frequency of 10 kz)

USB A/B To integrate a laptop or music server to a digital analog converter (DAC)
S/PDIF To integrate a digital transport or music server to a DAC (Logitech’s Squeezebox, iPod Dock)
AES/EBU To integrate professional grade digital equipment to a DAC