Cayin A-50TP

  • Model: A-50T
  • Shipping Weight: 45lbs
  • Manufactured by: VAS/Cayin
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Cayin A-50T Integrated Amplifier

The Cayin A-50T immediately attracts listeners with its rare, natural, and fluid sound. These qualities, paired with immaculate processing, make the new Cayin amplifier without competition in its price range.

The A-50T contains four EL34s and produces Class AB1 amplification. This unit's superb craftsmanship features point-to-point wiring, top-of-the-line EI audio transformers, and a specially developed toroidal core net transformer. Two 12AX7EHs and two 12AU7s are used in the preamplifier. The signal processing is exclusively made through tubes, with a simple switch to fine tune output taps for 4 or 8 ohms. A removable cage snaps in and out of position to either protect the tubes or showcase high-quality components. A remote control for all functions, including triode and ultralinear circuit options, perfects the carefully laced accessories package.

Stereophile Review by Robert J. Reina
CNET Review by Steve Guttenberg
Enjoy the Music Review by A. Colin Flood

"The Cayin A-50T is the best low-price amp I have ever heard, and it rivals some of the best amps in any price range." - Harry Weisfeld, owner of VPI Industries. A beautifully-crafted, hand-made tube piece manufactured to deliver the sound of the classic Marantz 8B The Cayin Audio A-50T uses four EL34s for Class A/B1 P.P amplification. The craftsmanship is absolutely first-rate, featuring point-to-point wiring, and each unit is hand-initialed by a quality-control inspector. The toroid power transformer and EI audio transformer are specially manufactured for the A-50T with low magnetic leakage, wide frequency response and low impedance. Two 12AX7EHs and two 12AU7s are used in the preamplifier. One very cool feature is the ability to switch between ultralinear and triode by remote control. This piece was hand-built with extreme attention to detail, including point-to-point wiring. P It's one of the main reasons why these Cayin pieces sound like the classic tube gear from Marantz and McIntosh. You simply are not going to find craftsmanship like with this Cayin gear for anywhere close to this price.

"...the Cayin A-50T is competitive with many higher-powered, more expensive integrateds, both tube and solid-state, and its strengths rival those of many far more expensive tube separates I've heard. Finally, the 35Wpc A-50T behaves like an amplifier that puts out twice its rated power—or more. I strongly recommend that anyone considering spending up to $2000 on an integrated amplifier listen to the magic that the Cayin A-50T can produce.  Robert Reina, Stereophile

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