Baetis Audio Reference Media Server

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INTRODUCING the Baetis Reference Media Server – the world’s only media computer with a dedicated, galvanically isolated, and fully shielded AES/EBU output straight off the motherboard using no PCI card or USB bus!! We employ a new, proprietary circuit board ("daughter-board") that transforms the SPDIF signal from the motherboard to AES, and, most importantly:

  • Improves the quality of the digital wave form on the oscilloscope;
  • Boosts voltage (amplitude) without the noise associated with a separate power input; and
  • Reduces rise time.

The Baetis Reference is specifically designed for the world’s very best DACs. You must hear the difference if you are a dealer or owner of a dCS® Vivaldi, CH Precision®, Berkeley Reference®, EMM DAC2X®, Esoteric D-02®, Light Harmonic®, MSB Diamond®, Audio Research Reference®, Soulution® 560, or DAC of similar quality.

No music server, no matter how expensive, sounds as good for two channel highest definition audio. Just ask the dealers or clients who have compared the Baetis Reference with the very highest-dollar servers out there, using the very best speakers, dacs, amps, and cables. For example, Magico® used the Baetis Reference in their room at the 2015 CES and 2016 CES. Plus, the Baetis Reference has all the same multi-channel, video, and DSP features, if you wish to use them, as in our XR series.

Multi-channel processors that are good enough to use our Reference Baetis for two-channel audio include: Classe® SSP-800, McIntosh® MX151, and Anthem® D2v 3D. Only the Anthem and McIntosh units among these top processors have a 2-channel AES input in XLR form for use by the Baetis Reference.

The Baetis Reference series, including the Reference, are sold through Baetis Reference Dealers or Demonstrators who have the necessary knowledge and, most of all, the quality showrooms that will allow you to hear the difference. Today, the Front End is as important as the speakers!! If there is no dealer in your area, call our Joe for an in-home trial.

Base Reference (Black or Silver): $7,560. Includes 1 year of MDA™ training/support.

Stillpoint™ Ultra Mini-Riser footers, 3, with our specially milled bases, plus 2 rubber bumper/footers at each rear corner to protect against inadvertent pushing on the rear corners (note: These rubber footers are designed NOT to touch the shelving): +$995.

Installation of dBPoweramp CD ripping software (multi-pack): +$70.

Current version of JRiver™ Media Center included in base price.